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Spider Wall Anchor®
The Spider is a New and Exciting wall mounted device, specifically designed to anchor and progressively vary the resistance of your exercise Bands and Tubes.

The features and benefits of the Spider are:

Quick and Easy to fasten and unfasten Bands and Tubes

You can vary the resistance of a Band or a Tube by simply winding and/or unwinding the sleigh roller

The sleigh roller can be easily positioned at different heights, thus allowing variations of the desired anchor point needed for a given exercise

No damage to Bands or Tubes; because they attach to the sleigh roller using simple friction
Optimize the use of floor space 

Bands and Tubes can be attached Single Ended, Double Ended and as a Loop. Regardless of how the Band or Tube is attached, it can be tightened or loosened and thus the resistance will vary, without changing the Band or Tube itself. Simply wind up the Band/Tube using the rotating handle on the sleigh roller. A locking mechanism keeps it in place. Simple and Easy! If you need to make a significant change in resistance, then it is quick and easy to change to a Band/Tube of a different resistance level.

Consequently, the Spider is giving you the option to create literally hundreds of different exercises in different positions within a very small area.

Imported. Product does not include bands and tubes.
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