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Dupuytren Orthoses

FixxGlove™ Orthoses with Volar stay for three or five fingers. 


Comfortable night orthoses designed for post-surgical management of Dupuytren’s contracture. Available in a Volar/Palmar model three or five fingers (see bottom of this page).


FixxGlove orthosis is a static extension night orthosis/splint that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It has a built-in malleable/adjustable aluminum stay, as well as finger straps for easy removal. The comfortable design may increase patient compliance in long term treatment scenarios following Dupuytren's release surgery.


The different models of the FixxGlove Orthosis provide users the option to choose between three or five finger volar/palmar support. Thus allowing for a choice of Dupuytren Splint based on personal preference and comfort.


Medical literature proposes/suggests that a static extension orthosis/splint be worn at night for up to 6 months and sometimes longer, following surgical procedures such as Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomies (Percutaneous Needle Aponeurotomy) and Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum injections as well as Fascioectomies.


The FixxGlove orthosis is washable in temperatures below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove stay before washing.


Not made with natural rubber latex.
Please note that the FixxGlove orthosis should not be worn without it being recommended by a medical professional. Please make sure that a professional made the required measurements to insure a proper fit. Only wear the FixxGloves orthosis after wounds are healed.

Recently published case studies suggests that splinting of the Dupuytren finger, wether following Dupuytren's release surgery or still untreated, provide new therapeutic options.
Medicare Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code*: L3923
 *Assignment of a HCPCS code to a product is not an approval or endorsement of the product nor does it imply or guarantee claim reimbursement or coverage. If you have questions about coverage or reimbursement, please contact the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administration Contractors (DME MACs) for your jurisdiction.

Rue Dupuytren in Paris. Named after Dr. Dupuytren, the French Physician 
credited with first describing this medical condition..


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Albrecht Meinel: The palmar fibromatosis or the loss of flexibility of the palmar finger tissue. New insight into the disease process of Dupuytren's contracture based on clinical and anatomical findings. Presented at the conference on Dupuytren's Disease in Miami, USA, 22/23 May 2010.

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FixxGlove Models:
FixxGlove™ Orthosis, Volar
FixxGlove™ Orthosis, Volar
FixxGlove™ Orthosis, Volar V (Five Finger)
FixxGlove™ Orthosis, Volar V (Five Finger)
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