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LMB Spring Finger Extension Assist, B

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Item Number: DG501-B

LMB Spring Finger Extension Assist

  • High quality Wire-Foam™ construction for a customized fit
  • Versatile model extends PIP joint with a slight extension effect on MP joint
  • Designed for patient comfort with an emphasis on distal pad curvature
  • Tension is adjustable by careful bending
  • Force: 15° flexion ≈ approx. 8 oz.; 90° flexion ≈ approx. 4 lbs.

INDICATIONS:  Finger flexion tightness; Boutonniere deformity (allows IP flexion)

Size Measurement Product #
X-Small 2¼” DG501-AA
Small 2⅝” DG501-A
Medium 3” DG501-B
Large 3½” DG501-C
X-Large 4” DG501-D
(Sold to Medical Professionals Only)
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