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aPallo Wrist Brace System

The aPallo wrist brace system consists of 2 braces clinically designed to provide relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It includes a brace for rest-the night brace and a brace for action-the day brace.   

The aPallo Wrist Day/Night Brace System features and benefits:

  • Patent Pending – Free palm design allows EASIER (better) gripping functions.
  • Properly positions and supports the wrist.
  • Cinch-strapTM for quick release for activities.
  • Breathable fabric – maximum comfort.
  • Protective lycra sleeve
  • Easy Application
  • Ice strap – to apply cold or heat therapy over the wrist and nerve
  • Lycra sleeve – to prevent Velcro catching and improve cosmesis
  • Dorsal spar – metal support on top of the hand to leave the palm free for daily functions
  • Finger-free design provides clinically proven benefit while maintaining the wrist in the optimal sleep position.
  • Neutral hand and finger position
  • Breathable fabric provides maximum comfort.
  • Properly positions and supports the wrist.
  • Adjustable to almost any wrist size.
  • Treats the condition while you sleep
  • Easy Application
  • Employs anatomical features to keep the 4 fingers in an extended position at the MCP joints while leaving the index finger free for activities of daily living
  • Polyurethane leather for breathable comfort

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