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Ambi-Dx Premium Hand Therapy Putty

  • Ambi-Dx®  offers a Dry and Velvety Touch and Feel
  • Ambi-Dx®  Putty offers 25% more volume by weight
This premium high-quality putty provides 25% more volume by weight. Lighter in the hand, but provides the same resistance you rely on from a traditional putty.

Available in five different color-coded resistances from Extra-soft to Firm. The five different consistencies/resistances blend easily in order to create resistances in between levels. The color coded resistance levels are:
  • Level 1: Extra-soft, White
  • Level 2: Soft, Yellow
  • Level 3: Medium-soft, Lime
  • Level 4: Medium, Green
  • Level 5: Firm, Blue
Offered in three size containers: 1,625 cubic centimeters (equivalent volume/size to 5lbs of regular putty), 390 cubic centimeters (equivalent volume/size to 1.2lbs of regular putty) and 65 cubic centimeters (equivalent volume/size to 3oz of regular putty):
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