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Hand Dynamometer Digital Version - SAEHAN DHD-1

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Digital Hand Dynamometer - SAEHAN DHD-1. 
Range 0-200lbs
Increment 0.1lbs 


Comes with Calibration certificate


Tolerance error +/- 1% of full Scale

The DHD-1 Digital Hand Dynamometer has three modes of operation: Setting Mode, Testing Mode, and Reading Mode.
The buttons perform different functions depending on the current mode of operation.

Setting Mode is used for setting the date and time. The DATE and TIME of each test can be
saved in memory with the corresponding test result.

Testing Mode is used for testing grip strength and measuring the maximum grip force applied.
Up to 20 test results (10 results for each hand) can be saved in memory and referenced by test number
which indicates the number of test results stored in momory for each hand.

Reading Mode is used to display the test results for each Test Number saved in momory.
Test results include the maximum grip force (MAX), DATE and TIME of individual tests as well
as the a average (AVG), standard deviation (SD), and coefficient of variation (CV) based all tests for
the selected HAND.
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