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This high-quality Hand Therapy Putty is colorful with a non-greasy feel to encourage patient compliance. 
The price makes it economical to purchase a range of resistances, for a more gradual build-up of strength. 

Eco Putty is ideal for:

  • Ideal for creating Hand Therapy exercises
  • Build muscle strength and range of motion
  • Available in five consistencies
  • Economical

This type of therapy putty is available in 6 different resistances from super soft to firm. It comes in: 2 oz, 3, oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 1 lbs and 5 lbs plastic containers/tubs.

Build muscle strength and range of motion using different exercises. Putty is the ideal Hand training device/tool  allowing  for a full range of motion while at the same time providing the option to create exercises for both extension and flexion.

Offered in six different resistance levels. The different resistance levels blend and mix easily in order to create resistances in between levels.

Level 1: Tan, Super-soft
Level 2: Yellow, Soft
Level 3: Red, Medium soft
Level 4: Green, Medium
Level 5: Blue, Firm
Level 6: Purple, Extra-firm

Available in:

• 2oz (57 grams)
• 3oz (85 grams)
• 4oz (113 grams)
• 6 oz (170 grams)

• 1lbs. (454 grams)
• 5lbs. (2.27Kg)


Putty Instructions <click to download>

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