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Handy Cane, Size Large, Length 37.7" for height over 6' 1"

Handy Cane
Handy Cane
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Handy Cane, Size Large, Length 37.7" for height over 6' 1"

What makes the Handy Cane Different?

The award-winning, patent-pending Handy Cane™ is a walking aid that looks and functions like a traditional cane, but also includes a built-in reaching grabber for picking up hard to reach or dropped objects. The grabber’s ergonomic design, makes it nimble and sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper or a coin on the floor, but strong and rugged enough to pick up a can, jar or book from a shelf.  When not in use, the grabber is tucked away for a stylish and elegant cane that provides support and stability on-the-go.

The Handy Cane is designed to provide freedom, mobility and independence for anyone with limitations due to age, height, physical disability or recovery from a recent injury or surgery.  

Some customers find and buy the Handy Cane when searching for a high quality grabber or grasper and/or when searching for a superior walking aid.

People find the Handy Cane useful in every day situations (especially those where a person could feel vulnerable) like picking up their dropped keys or mobile phone on a sidewalk, in a parking lot or garage.  And, they find the Handy Cane to be perfect for reaching and grabbing items from high, or low, shelves in a retail store, supermarket, kitchen, closet, garage, etc. 

The Handy Cane delivers the highest quality and best design of two important functions in one sleek device. Made of top quality materials including aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and space age plastics, the Handy Cane is light in weight (less than 1 lb.) while being strong, durable and built to provide a lifetime of dependable service.  


Handy Cane Customer Testimonials

  Gigi E., Boston, MA 

“I just bought the Handy Cane because I’m in the store a lot shopping and you can’t find a clerk.  You try to reach for something and you fall all over the cans and it’s a very embarrassing moment.  I bought the Handy Cane so I would have the grabber, but I also found that it was much sturdier than my existing cane.  I like that because sometimes with my other cane I’ve felt like I might topple over.” 


  Geri S., Hackensack, NJ 

“Prior to owning the Handy Cane, I had a grasper in every room.  I had an incident where I went to my car and dropped my keys while attempting to open my car door.  Rather than risk falling while trying to pick up my keys, I waited 15 minutes for someone to come near me in a garage to help me pick up my keys.  Now that I have the Handy Cane, I’ve thrown away all the inefficient graspers I owned.  It was always impractical to carry a grasper with me when I left the house but, with the Handy Cane, my grasper is always with me.  Now I can easily pick up items that I drop or can’t reach.  I love my Handy Cane!”


  Helene S., Sarasota, FL (note to person who gifted her the Handy Cane) 

“Oh, thank you – thank you for this. I received a delivery and I thought it was a box of flowers in this tall box.  But then I opened it and it was an amazing new cane. The Handy Cane is very durable, lightweight and now I don’t have to have a 6-foot friend help me anymore because I can use this to get things off a high shelf.   You know the old expression reach for the moon, well the Handy Cane will help you reach for whatever you need.  I also have another cane, as you know, but this one you can do so much more with and it’s much better quality.  Thank you, thank you Paul for sending this to me!”


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