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Safehip Soft Hip Protector - Safehip Unisex, Size: L, Waist Measurement: 40"-46" (102-117cm), Hip Measurement: 33"-49" (84-124cm)

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Safehip® Soft Hip Protector

Features a hip protection shield made out of AirX™ spacer fabric, which is lighter in weight, 100% breathable and conforms to the hip better. AirX significantly reduces heat buildup, making the hip protector more comfortable to wear. Pant material is 71% cotton, 25% polyester and 4% Lycra so the pant is more durable. Optimal conformability for greater acceptance. Can be washed at up to 200°F and tumble dried at the highest temperature levels. Comfortable to wear day and night. Less warm to wear compared to generic hip protectors.
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